My faith makes me Beautiful, I'm more than just this outward man!

Hey Beauties,

This is my bush now!!! I am waiting for it to become hanging length. I have not really been experimenting with a lot of stuff, I have this thing about just spending money just because I need to try everything to see if it works, cause that don’t right there don’t work for me.

It’s to time consuming and such a waste of money, unless your like me try to purchase from stores that will give you your money back. Any ways I was looking for a great shampoo, does anybody have any suggestions

I have been using Ms. Kimmaytube‘s leave in conditioner from her you tube channel and that’s one investment that was worth every penny, it makes my hair super soft I love it, Hey check out her page I linked it to her name and tell me what you think.

She is the her hair is waist length. I want results like that, and she formally educates you on hair, which I think is very important. It does have my hair growing, I guess, Naw it does I just want the hair to HANNNNNNGGGG, it’s just conformed to this bush, Well, not really. She has a demonstration on how to stretch the hair. I guess I better get the stretching. LOL anyway I will keep you posted on my hair story.

Don’t forget to check out her page click here.




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